The heart and soul of TickerTank is Nick Fenton. He lives and breathes trading.

  • Graduated CNick Fenton at the Nasdaq in New York Cityum Laude, University of Kentucky

    • Major: Finance

    • Minor: Economics

  • Trading experience:

    • 14 years trading experience

    • 9 years advanced trading

    • 7 years teaching methods to global audience

  • Featured Trader at

  • Recommended Trader on

  • Quarterly swim lesson host at our recommended broker, thinkorswim
  • Published in thinkorswim's thinkMoney quarterly financial magazine
  • Trading styles:

    • Options: Short Strangles, Naked Puts, Naked Calls, Jade Lizards, Short Straddles, Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, Debit Spreads, Calendars, Double Calendars, Diagonals, Double Diagonals, Butterflys, Ratio Spreads, Covered Calls, Covered Puts

    • Day Trading: Equities and Futures only. Primary focus is Options trading so Nick is not an extremely active day trader. Any day trade Nick makes is shared on our @tickertank twitter feed.
    • Primarily focuses on trading strategies with high theoretical probabilities of success using underlyings with liquid Options. Strict criteria applies to each Options strategy which instills discipline and creates a more mechanical approach to trading.

“For me there is nothing greater than watching a membemeet Nick Fenton founder of tickertank.comr slowly grow into a veteran. I see them making money using the thought process & strategies I taught them. I see them exploring new strategies from new angles. The ultimate for me is when a veteran member proposes a trade to me that’s better than anything I have on my radar. I share it with the other TickerTank members giving credit and the originators knows they have officially arrived. And I know I helped them get there.”



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